About Stratford Original BID

Stratford Original is working to make Stratford Town Centre better for business

Stratford Original is the business led and funded Business Improvement District (BID) working to make Stratford a place where businesses come, stay and prosper. The BID started in 2015 and will run for five years until 2020 to deliver against four main priorities:

  1. Doing business
    Stratford has a huge range of businesses. We are providing you with new opportunities to work together to cut costs and increase your revenue. We are doing this by identifying savings on your utilities, offering you discounted trade waste recycling rates, organising free networking opportunities and creating the Business Club for new businesses to join the BID.
  2. Promoting Stratford
    With new residents and students choosing Stratford as their new home, Stratford Original is helping local businesses to benefit from the increased footfall. The BID is promoting the area’s unique identity and encouraging visitors and residents to explore the town centre and to contribute to the local economy.

  3. Safer Stratford
    Making Stratford a safer place for employees, shoppers and visitors is a priority for Stratford Original. We are working together with Stratford Police, the Enforcement Team from LB Newham, Local Businesses and our own Stratford Ambassadors Team to address anti-social behaviour, safety problems and to improve the perception of Stratford. 
  4. Enhancing Stratford
    While the continuous investment and development in Stratford is ongoing, the BID is keen to ensure the town centre remains a welcoming place for everybody to enjoy. We are delivering a number of initiatives to make Stratford more welcoming, such as greening projects, better wayfinding and signage, fighting litter, and of course our friendly Stratford Ambassadors Team.
The BID is investing over £1.2 million between April 2015 and March 2020 into Stratford Town Centre.
Download the Annual Report 2018

We pledge to:

  1. Help local businesses save money through giving you the option to buy services together such as waste, recycling and electricity.
  2. Help local businesses to meet and trade with each other, and keep up to date with major changes taking place across Stratford.
  3. Promote Stratford’s town centre, including its world class cultural organisations and venues, in order to attract new visitors.
  4. Improve signage in Stratford to make it easier for visitors to find their way around.
  5. Create a local loyalty card scheme to encourage people to explore their area.
  6. Develop a safe and attractive night-time economy in Stratford Town Centre and promote Stratford’s unique children and families offer.
  7. Employ wardens to welcome customers and visitors to the area and work with police and others to improve safety and help prevent crime.
  8. Work with Newham Council and Transport for London to make improvements to streets, pavements and public spaces.
  9. Install creative lighting to encourage greater use of the town centre in the evenings.
  10. Develop an annual “Love Stratford” campaign to foster greater pride in the town centre.