New Undercroft Lighting on The Broadway

  • Broadway
On Tuesday 12th December, new undercroft lighting was installed under the Broadway chambers. During the Summer we organised a Safer Stratford Walkabout with business members, shopping centre management team, members of the London Borough of Newham's lighting and enforcement teams as well as both town centre police teams attending. During the walkabout, a number of sites were identified for improvement in order to increase safety in the area.

We have invested in additional cleaning in the area during the Summer, with over 10 deep cleaning and chewing removal sessions delivered. Poor lighting performance of undercroft lighting at Broadway Chambers was also identified as a priority intervention.

We have since invested in the lighting levels in this area, and have had all the bulbs replaced, drastically increasing the lighting levels. This will ensure the newly installed CCTV cameras work more efficiently and make the area feel safer for businesses, customers, residents and visitors during the darker hours.

Our programme of investment for the Broadway area also includes murals and creative lighting. These projects are being delivered over December 2017 to be enjoyed for the new year.

This is just one intervention in our ongoing plans to improve the town centre. On the Broadway alone, we have deep cleaned and removed chewing gum, introduced artwork and are in the process of installing creative lighting.