Newham Council Levy Summons

  • Levy Summons
As you may be aware, the London Borough of Newham is responsible for the Billing, Collection and Enforcement of the BID levy, which follows the same statutory process as the Business Rates scheme. Unfortunately, due to an administrative oversight, summonses were automatically issued to those who were behind with their BID Payment without our prior knowledge.
We are keen to bring to your attention that neither our Executive Team nor the Board were aware of this as this is unfortunately outside our control. We have now agreed with the London Borough of Newham that where payment had been made prior to, or on the day of the Councils application, or where there is a material and justifiable reason why the Summons should not have been issued, the Council will review the costs that have been applied. Should you feel that the summons you had received, was issued incorrectly, then I would invite you to contact the Newham Business Rates Team by emailing or phoning 020 8430 3250. We thought it was important to make you aware of our involvement in this process, and remind businesses of the importance in future of paying the BID Levy in accordance with the Demand Notices issued. If you would like to find out more details about how your BID levy is contributing towards making Stratford a better for business, feel free to contact us at