Police Updates - May

  • SO Ambassadors and Police
Police Sergeant Danielle Manning from the Town Centre Police Team gives us an update on some of the operations and arrests that have happened in the town centre during the start of the year.

We are currently focusing on violent and knife crime in the area due to the increase in these types of offences across London since the beginning of the year.

We are conducting daily weapons sweeps in and around the shopping centre, targeting those known for violence and dealing with them robustly. As BID members, please help us be more effective in dealing with these issues. If you have any information or intelligence please contact us. If you are aware of groups congregating and feel they may be up to no good, contact us and where available we will attend the location and deal with them appropriately. We regularly issue Community Protection Notices to those over 16 causing anti-social behaviour and ban them from the local area.

If you are a retailer and sell knives, please consider the following:

Know their age – Do they look under 25? If so, get proof of age.

Number of items – Are they only purchasing knives?

Intention – Do you have any concerns about why they are purchasing a knife?

Feeling – What time of day is it? What area are you in? Does it feel right?

Evaluate – If in doubt, refuse the sale

Remember – knives take lives!