Wayfinding Trail Installation

We have commissioned Thomas Matthews graphic design, to design and install colour-coded wayfinding vinyls, the "breadcrumb trail", across Stratford Town Centre, to promote the Original Stratford from major gateways to the area such as Meridian Square.
There will be 3 wayfinding trails in 3 different colours, installed to guide people to Stratford Library and the Broadway (Yellow), Theatre Square (Red), and the High Street (Green). Installation of the coloured vinyls will begin on Wednesday 12th July and should be completed by Thursday 13th July. For those of you interested in the details, the vinyls are essentially huge stickers which are then secured using heat which activates the adhesive. The aim of these 3 wayfinding trails is to increase visibility of and footfall to our businesses, and to promote the original side of Stratford in light of the upcoming Para Athletics starting on the 14th July and the World Athletics starting on the 4th August. This is the first step in our strategy to support wayfinding in the original Stratford, so keep an eye out for more in the future! Happy trails!