Artwork on the Broadway

Art and Light Installations on The Broadway

We have partnered with Newham Council to bring art and light installations to the Broadway. We have commissioned Thomas Matthews to identify areas within the Town Centre which would benefit from public art and creative lighting interventions. The parade of shops by the Broadway Chambers was identified as an area for such improvements.
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Medical Response Kits

Acid Attack Medical Response Kits

The Acid attack workshop held on the 12th October was very popular with over 30 members attending. During the workshop the town centre Police Sergeant Danielle Manning, demonstrated how to administer first aid using our Acid Attack Medical Response Kits that we created and sponsored for our members.
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Acid Attack Awareness Workshop

On the 12th October 2017, we hosted an Acid Attack Awareness Workshop with the Stratford Town Centre Police and Stratford Centre. The workshop focused on how to identify what liquids are acidic, how an attack affects the victim, what the symptoms of an attack are and how to respond.
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Acid Attack Prevention

What To Do In The Event Of An Acid Attack

Due to the Recent events in Stratford Town Centre, we want to ensure that all of our members, employees and residents know what to do in the event of an acid attack. There are certain steps to take to ensure that the victim of an attack make the best possible recovery.
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Stratford Shopping Centre

Recent Acid Attack in Stratford Town Centre

You may be aware of the unfortunate events that took place outside of the Stratford Shopping Centre on Saturday night. We have liaised with the Town Centre Police team to give you the latest updates, and advice on what to do in the event of another attack. We hope that you and your employees are safe.
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Stratford Town Centre Police -Recent Shootings in Borough

The Stratford Town Centre Police spoke about the recent shootings in the Borough which has been covered to a certain extent in the media. Police are currently investigating these incidents and measures are being put into place to provide higher and more visible police presence in the Borough.  
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