Stratford is a resilient place

Stratford is always changing. In the 7 years I’ve been leading Stratford Original BID, the original Stratford has gone through major transformation.
7 June 2022

This includes the removal of the one-way system and the introduction of a much more pedestrian & cycle friendly environment. Our work has also added a distinctive visual language with our Broadway Murals, along with colourful crossings and additional greening and cleaning. These placemaking interventions are respectful of Stratford’s past whilst looking positively towards the future.

The work the BID is delivering has been instrumental in making original Stratford a safer place for all, while improving people’s perception of the area. With additional security, ambassadors and the recently launched Safer Stratford Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) local businesses are investing in their community by working together and everyone can see the positive impact we are having.

However, the last two years have been difficult for everyone and particularly for business owners. As part of our response to the pandemic, the BID has successfully applied for the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) and we are pleased to announced we have secured £250K of external funding to be invested in our town centre under the “Stratford Thrive” programme. We are proud to be the only Newham organisation to have received the full amount.

But let’s be clear. Stratford businesses aren’t necessarily thriving. The social and economic impact of the pandemic has been tremendous for some. Our programme is designed to provide additional support to businesses and our community through a variety of interventions. 

The 3 key elements of our programme are built on Community Building, Safer & Welcoming and Business Benefits. The programme is about to start and will last for 15 months and includes a variety of community events, public realm interventions as well as projects to help businesses become more sustainable and to connect with young residents. The Team and the Board are working together to ensure it delivers positive impact for Stratford. More information will be released via our channels shortly. If you have any ideas and comments on how to move the original Stratford forward and how we can help Stratford thriving - feel free to contact us at

Gianluca Rizzo

BID Manager

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