Escape Bar Stratford

Escape Bar Stratford is a bar and a gaming spot: the weekly pub quiz, D&D sessions, art classes and more!

The wide boardgames selection:

First dates, Weird things humans search for, Scrawl, Colour brain, Disney colour brain, 20-second showdown, Blend in, What came first, The noodle game, Bucket of doom, Blockbuster, Dino dump, Obama llama 2, Chairs, Jenga, Pointless, Rhino hero, Exploding kittens Boss monster, What do you meme, Chess, Ultimate werewolf, Catan, Ticket to ride, King of New york, Jurassic park, Articulate, codenames, game off and many many more

From Escape Bar Stratford Facebook page:

'' What does the word mean to you? Escape from your troubles? Escape from reality? To everyone, it means something different. To us, it means a holiday. Somewhere to relax and take stock. Somewhere to enjoy good company and not feel to pressures outside these walls for a little while at a time. To us, it's all about our family and friends and looking out for each other. Come and join us and you’ll see, we got you here in Stratford! ''

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25 W Ham Ln, London E15 4PH
Opening time
Monday to Thursday 4pm to 11pm
Friday 4pm to 2am
Saturday 2pm to 2am
Sunday 2pm to 11pm

Escape Bar Stratford