The Grill

The Grill Restaurant has built up a reputation for authentic mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes that is hard to find in other restaurants, served daily to the countless number of their loyal customers.

The Grill are currently holding a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on their Half Frango for a limited time only!

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The reviews for their Half Frango says:

"Great food along with great service, Waiters are attentive and always checking up on us. Chicken frango is delicious! far better than nandos!"

"I love this place , the environment is always welcoming. I love the food. I’d recommend trying the frango chicken"

"The best part was mains and platters. We ordered minifeast with Tbone steak, sirolin steak and half frango. Everything was more than awesome. We had a wonderful experience."

Gnd Fl
38 Romford Road
London E15 4BZ
Opening time
Monday to Sunday 12pm-11pm

The Grill