Cost of Living Impact on Mental Health

Learn more about how the cost of living has an impact on the nation's mental health.
16 January 2023

Back in 2021, when we first heard whispers of the cost-of-living crisis, who’d have thought it would only get worse in 2022? Food prices have increased, energy bills have skyrocketed, and affordable rent is a thing of the past for most people (1).

The 2022 cost-of-living crisis has affected families all over the country. It goes without saying that the people who are struggling the most are low-income individuals or families, who may even face the threat of homelessness (2).

However, some people who used to be deemed financially comfortable are now finding it a struggle to pay the bills each month, or to do the weekly food shop without breaking the bank.

We know how the cost-of-living crisis has affected Brits practically, but what impact has it had on national mental health? We have created an infographic that explores this topic in great detail.

Worrying about the crisis has led many people to avoid spending money on energy bills, cut down on their eating, and lose their savings. Some people have even developed severe anxiety that has been triggered by the cost-of-living crisis, which demonstrates just how concerning it is for the country’s mental health (3).

Alcoholism is another significant issue that has worsened as a result of the rising cost of living, with some people in desperate situations using the substance to numb their anxiety (4).

Have a look at how people of different ages, wages, marital statuses, abilities, and genders, are feeling about the rising cost of living this year: 

See document below for more information


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