No Masks

Callout to all the key workers to share their stories during the Corona crisis!
1 April 2020

Stratford East is working on a virtual play in response to Covid - 19. 

They are "calling all key workers: from nurses to supermarket cashiers, social workers to delivery services and everyone in between" to send their short videos to

Please film a short video of yourself (max. 3 minutes) on your mobile phone or device (or get someone you live with to help) and send it to us to upload.


Please tell us your first name, your job and a bit about your situation. Here are some suggestions for topics that may help:

- Describe something that made you laugh during all this.
- Describe something that frustrated you or made you angry.
- Tell us something that this crisis has made you realise.
- Tell us who or what keeps you comforted through this challenging time.
- Describe your daily routine.
- How do your family fit in around your working day?
- What do people isolating indoors not realise?
- What are your hopes and fears for the future?


- Please record your video in landscape.
- You can email your video to (or use a free file-sharing website like
- If possible, please record your video in a well-lit environment and avoid too much background noise.
- We are only able to use videos from those aged 18+, so please do not send us any videos if you are aged 17 or under (and please do not have any young people in shot when recording).
- We are keen to hear from all of those working on the frontline during the Covid-19 crisis, but in case it’s useful here’s a list of key workers."

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