Violence and abuse towards retail workers

Call for Evidence for the Home Affairs Committee on violence and abuse faced by retail staff ends this Friday (15/01)
11 January 2021

The Home Affairs Committee announces a new inquiry to explore the police response to incidents of violence and abuse experienced by retail workers. As part of this, the Committee has also launched a public survey to give individuals who have experienced these incidents the opportunity to explain what happened after an incident was reported.

Call for evidence

The Committee welcomes written submissions addressing some or all of the issues set out in the terms of reference:

  • The police response to incidents of abuse and violence towards retail workers;
  • Barriers to justice for victims of retail abuse and violence;
  • Whether a new aggravated offence is required;
  • The adequacy of the Government’s response to its call for evidence. 

More information about how to submit evidence is available here.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 15 January.

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