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Brexit for you and your business

We know that in Stratford many local business owners and employees are EU residents. In this article, you'll find out how to prepare yourself and your business for Brexit.
  • ​In 2016, Newham voted by 53 per cent to stay in the EU​ during the referendum, with London overall voting remain by 59 per cent.

  • London Councils and the Mayor of London remain open for business, to protect the economic investment coming into Newham, and to help the local economy. 

  • Newham Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz established a Newham Brexit Board tasked with progressing the council’s preparations. 

  • The EU Settlement Scheme allows EU citizens to continue living in the UK following Brexit. Successful applicants will be granted residency in the UK.

  • Support is also available if you are a business and want to be prepared or if you want to prepare your workforce.

1. Prepare your business for Brexit

Whether you are importing or exporting goods or services from or to the EU, you need to get your business ready for Brexit.

1. If you export goods from the UK to the EU after Brexit - click here

2. If you import goods from the UK to the EU after Brexit - click here 

3. If you sell services to the EU - click here


2. Prepare yourself for Brexit

Staying in the UK if you’re an EU citizen.

>> The EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme allows EU citizens to continue living in the UK following Brexit is open now and applications can be made until 30 June 2021. Settled or pre-settled status will be issued to successful applicants. 

Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme here.



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