COVID-19 risk assessment

The assessment, reduction and ongoing management of risk is a vital part of fulfilling your obligations as an employer and to keep the public and your employees safe.
8 June 2020

Risk assessment is a part of the bigger 'Reopening and Returning to work Guidance', which you may find here

As per guidance from the government: "Risk assessment results should be shared with others working in a home or when visiting others’ homes. If possible, you should consider publishing the results on your website (and we would expect all businesses with over 50 workers to do so).

[Here] you will find a notice you should display, which can also be provided as cards, stickers or similar, to show you have followed this guidance."

Check the HSE guidance to carry out a risk assessment.


You might also like to consider our free Health and Safety training course - click here for more info. 

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