Crime Prevention advice for commercial premises

We have read and summarised the Met advice for crime & conflict prevention report. It contains advice on how to operate your business and interact with your customers ensuring their security after stores reopening.
Find the full report linked below.
27 May 2020


  • This may be the first time your building/venue is going to have to change the way that you operate and interact with your customers.
  • Many venues will have to adjust to the social/ physical distancing requirements that means implementing a number of measures from Perspex and plastic screens to restricting customers to move and stand to specific areas.
  • It is important that you focus on the risks to your premises and regularly review your security.
  • Work in partnership online to reduce the risk (by sharing information with your local business community, crime reduction partnership and local police).
  • As a part of our ongoing efforts to make Stratford a safer place in January 2020 along with the local Police Team and the Stratford Shopping Centre, we partnered with the Halo! App, which works like 'WhatsApp' and allows to raise local issues and safety concerns. As of March 2020, 61 BID members were using Halo app to stay connected.


These adjusted environments will naturally affect the ambience of your premise. It might also affect customers behaviour, as any restrictions or non-comfort with others’ behaviour (i.e. when they do not comply with social distancing rules) could lead to tension that could escalate to conflict.

  • The team working in your store are key: so whilst ensuring their own distancing and safety, they need to ensure they need to be both concise and compassionate when dealing with customers.



Control the door - Control the crime

Sadly, criminals will seek to exploit the coronavirus epidemic.

  • They could exploit wearing facemasks to conceal their identity. (They could take advantage of queues for mugging).
  • It is essential that the stores continue, where possible, to regulate all customers.
  • Continue with a ‘meet and greet’ philosophy on the entrances into your store. That way you can have better control of numbers, convey any instructions for social distancing.



  • Ensure that any new screens etc do not reduce surveillance opportunities in the store.
  • If you have a small store that could easily get overrun consider implementing a magnetic lock on the main entrance (our staff can then utilise a handheld remote release button to unlock the door and let people into level)
  • Implementing a one-way system into your store this could be implemented with changing the store displays in concert with fire egress.
  • Use the in-store communication systems (exercising calm and diplomacy) to convey any communications.


In the event of any criminality, despite using protective equipment, it may be impossible to completely protect yourself please consider all options before engaging with a suspect-the accent has to be on deterring. 999 in the event of any emergency.



Disclaimer: This report gives recommendations. Please note that Crime Prevention Advice and the information in this report does not constitute legal or other professional advice; it is given free and without the intention of creating a contract or without the intention of accepting any legal responsibility. It is based on the information supplied and current crime trends in the area. All other applicable health, safety and fire regulations should be adhered to.

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