Government Guidance: Update

Updates for Restaurants, Pubs, Bars and Takeaway services
8 July 2020

As of the 3rd July the Government published on its website an updated version (4) of its Hospitality Guidance (for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services), with a special provision on

a) Thinking about Risk

b) Managing Risk

c) Sharing the Results of your Risk Assessment

d) Keeping Customer and Visitors Safe , and

e) Workforce Management -Shift Patterns and Outbreaks.

As with previous versions, it provides an easy to follow the guide in the form of a checklist that each business will need to translate into the specific actions they need to take depending on their nature, size, type and organisational structure of their business, to create a safe environment for customers and staff. 

Please find the full document below. 

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