Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stratford Park

LTN - Stratford Park and Manbey

Consultation has now begun on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes Area 3: Manbey & Area 7: Stratford Park. Share your opinion.
10 March 2021

This follows the introduction of two Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) schemes in Maryland and Forest Gate in August 2020 (1). Now the consultation has begun on the next three schemes in Newham: Area 3: Manbey, Area 4: Atherton and Area 7: Stratford Park.

LTN is aimed at improving air quality in the borough. According to the latest figures from Public Health England, Newham currently has the highest percentage of deaths, in adults over 30, linked to exposure to PM2.5 (2).

Due to the urgency created by the air quality and the pandemic, LTN schemes the consultations are being conducted with the residents after the LTN schemes have rolled out. Introduced on an experimental basis, they will be in place for about 18 months. Later the decision will be made whether LTNs become permanent, based on feedback collected from the residents, key stakeholders and traffic data (3).

Area 3: Manbey and Area 7: Stratford Park fall under Stratford Original BID catchment area. 

LTN Area 7: Stratford Park

This scheme is bounded by Romford Road, Vicarage Lane, Densham Road and West Ham Lane and will be implemented from February. All the residents are encouraged to leave their comments regarding the initiative using the interactive map which you can find here

LTN Area 3: Manbey

This scheme is bounded by Manbey Grove, Forest Lane, Romford Road and The Grove. Find the interactive map here and leave your comment. 

What is Low Traffic Neighbourhood?

Besides improving air quality, the initiative sets to reduce traffic volumes and promote sustainable modes of transport. "Whether travelling by foot, cycling, scooting, using a wheelchair or other mobility aids, this will all contribute towards creating a cleaner and healthier borough" (2).

LTNs will use ‘modal filters’ such as planters, bollards or cameras as physical barriers to restrict motorised vehicles and give more space for walking and cycling. Local residents, businesses, visitors, emergency services and other service providers such as waste collection, utilities and deliveries will still have vehicular access to every address within the LTN scheme, although they may need to take a slightly different route than before (3). 


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