National Living Wage

As of April 1st, 2024, all employers need to be aware of the upcoming increases in National Living and Minimum Wage rates. Notably, the National Living Wage will now extend to workers aged 21 and over, a change from the previous threshold of 23 and over.
18 March 2024


  • Check the New Rates on GOV.UK: Stay updated with the latest information on wage rates.
  • Identify Eligible Staff for the New Rate: Determine which employees qualify for the revised wage rates.
  • Update Payroll Systems: Ensure payroll systems are adjusted to reflect the new rates.
  • Communicate Changes to Staff: Inform employees about the adjustments in their pay as soon as possible.
  • Seek Advice from Acas Helpline: Employers can call the Acas helpline for guidance and support on ensuring correct payment of workers.
  • Refer to Minimum Wage Guidance: Visit the calculating the minimum wage guidance page for practical advice on compliance.

For further information and expert insights, we invite you to join our live webinars scheduled throughout March. These sessions will feature a panel of experts ready to address your questions and concerns:

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  • Getting ready for the National Minimum Wage increase
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Even if employers believe they are paying workers at or above the National Living or National Minimum Wage, there may still be instances of underpayment. This can occur due to various factors such as wage deductions, tip allocation, workwear or tool costs deductions, or failure to compensate for all hours worked.

Stay informed, compliant, and supportive of your workforce by staying abreast of these changes and ensuring fair compensation for all employees.


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