Real World Learning Programme

An innovative Real World Learning Programme (RWLP) is School 21’s take on work experience and provides both student and their host workplace with something that is more meaningful and authentic than traditional work experience. It is the programme for Year 10 and Year 12 students who over a number of weeks spend half a day each week in the workplace, solving an authentic problem for a real organisation.
13 December 2019

We encourage our local businesses to participate in the programme since it brings students and the professional world together in a meaningful way and allows both sides to benefit from the experience. 

The projects can take any form, as long as there is an authentic outcome which is of genuine value to the organisation. Previous examples include: a training and staff development tool for the Department for Education, a ‘how to’ computer guide for a local elderly home and a film on life in the community for a social housing organisation. 


Year 10 students (14-15 yrs old)

Placement start date: Tuesday 25th February 2020

Placement End date: Tuesday 9th June 2020


Year 12 students (16-17 yrs old)

> Cohort 1

Placement Start date: Thursday 16th January 2020

Placement End date: Thursday 26th March 2020


> Cohort 2

Placement Start date: Thursday 14th May 2020

Placement End date: Thursday 9th July 2020

To deliver on this ambitious programme, we are looking for a variety of forward-thinking organisations who are able to commit to:

● Host two small groups of Year 10 students (14-15 yrs old) or of Year 12 students (16-17 yrs old) every Thursday afternoon, from 1-4.30pm (see the full schedule in the attached document)
● Provide a mentor to work with the students each week
● Set authentic and challenging problems for students to solve
● Provide working space for the students every Thursday afternoon
● Provide a full day induction for students at the start of the programme
● Attend the final presentation evening and prepare students with the skills to present at this
● Attend a day of training at the school
● Provide thorough performance management to the students, including setting objectives and
areas for development
● Provide the tools, support and expertise for students to successfully complete their project

>>> If you'd like to get involved please get in touch with Cassie Cramer at

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