Reduce your workplace's impact on the environment

Global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, sea level rise, these and more are evidence of the global climate change. In this article, you will find actionable steps on how to reduce workplace's impact on the environment.

1 July 2019

Annually, more than 14 billion pounds of rubbish is being dumped into the oceans. It is now more than ever the environment needs us to become responsible inhabitants of the planet and start taking actual steps towards a more sustainable future on the individual, organizational and governmental levels.  

Here are a few actionable steps that will help you reduce your workplace's impact on the environment: 

  • Water usage. Ensure there is no water leakage at your workplace over the weekend or bank holidays. Install automatic taps, low water-usage toilets, and shower heads.

  • Do you really need that document printed? Contribute to environmental sustainability and save your printing costs by using digital tools for note-taking, presentations, invoicing, keeping records, individual or team planning. Find a comprehensive list of free tools here.   

  • Can’t go completely paperless? Next time you order your office paper ask for a recycled option. 

  • Recycle! It is supposed to be an obvious routine by now, however, some workplaces still do not recycle and use one bin for all kind of rubbish.


Recycling is the easiest way to start leaving a green footprint. 

By recycling businesses not only improve environmental sustainability but also save money!


To help our BID members recycle efficiently and save costs we work with environmentally responsible waste and recycling organisation First Mile. We subsidising 67% of your mixed recycling costs your business will you only pay 33p per £1.

So far our members have recycled business waste, equivalent to 712 trees, 88 tonnes of CO2, 44,427 kwh of energy. 

First Mile is the zero-to-landfill waste company. When using the service you’ll be certain that no waste goes to landfill and rubbish that cannot be recycled is sent to generate Green energy.


Other benefits include:

  • Get your waste collected on the days you choose, whether it's once, twice or every day of the week

  • Being fully sustainable, waste is being picked up by clean, low-emissions trucks, so no carbon emission is being released in Stratford Town.

  • To all our members we offer the recycling services at a lower price.

Easily recycle office paper, coffee grounds, cans and plastic, old computers, unwanted clothes, and more.



What else you should know: 

  • By not recycling we are poisoning ourselves. Recycling prevents rubbish from going to landfill sites where it releases harmful chemicals which then get into the crops which are usually growing nearby.

  • Warmer temperatures. Recycling means less raw materials, therefore preservation of rainforests which play a huge role in stabilizing the world's climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Preservation of natural resources.  Why begin a new cycle of production if it’s possible to use existing materials. It takes much less energy to create a product from recycled rather than raw materials.


Hopefully, the article was helpful. Contact us if you would like to start saving money on recycling business waste. 

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