Tariq Halal is coming to Stratford

Tariq Halal

Tariq Halal is coming to Stratford
22 March 2021

Originating with their first butcher shop in Putney in 1965, a family run business with 45 years of experience in the meat trade is coming to Stratford. 

What do you offer?

Tariq Halal is a butcher’s shop that aims to provide a supermarket experience to all its customers, with a twist on the traditional butchers where we aim to sell frozen and fresh goods/produce alongside Herbs, spices, and sauces with all the produce being Halal, but also aiming to offer goods that would be supermarket-style packaged as an option for people who want less or specific amounts.

The aim is to create a next generation of butchers’ stores using Data Driven AI and Technology, such as using technology that is not commonly used in the UK by importing it from countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and China where the technology is much more advanced, and innovation is always key over there. And with this technology, the amount of data that we can capture, analyse will be on a scale higher than your typical butcher shop.

Who do you offer it to?

  • Halal and Non-Halal buyers in Stratford
  • Online Customers
  • A supplier of meats/produce for businesses 

who value fresh and quality produce and wider variety of choice and flavours. 

Why Does your idea have value to these Customers?

  • It is located within a Shopping Mall - a Warm/Inviting experience to the customer as it will have a complete open entrance/exit so customers can just walk in and out at their own convenience.
  • display of products to provide customers with knowledge through the use of TV Advertising
  • Self-Serve Kiosks which will give customers the ability to choose what they want even before getting to the counter
  • Click and Collect so that you can choose from the safety of your own home or even whilst on lunch at work and then just pop into the store and start the collection
  • Customer service - someone who represents the ideal customer experience talking to you who has extensive butchery knowledge rather than the butcher themselves.
  • Loyalty system - the best deals or experience that you want as a customer.

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