Vehicle Idling Action

Vehicle Idling Action is a London-wide behaviour change campaign which is helping to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists leaving their engines running when parked.
28 August 2020

The Idling Action Project, supported by the Mayor of London, has joined local councils, businesses and individuals across London working together to cut dangerous vehicle emissions. There is now a new call for action amidst emerging evidence that air pollution is linked to poor recovery and higher infection rates of Covid-19 due to damage caused to the lungs.


"Idling Action’s #EnginesOff campaign asks businesses to pledge that their drivers and other employees will not leave their engines on when parked. As well as asking businesses to pledge, Newham Council’s fleet of vehicles will avoid idling whenever possible with employees undertaking driver training in line with the pledge." 

We encourage all busineeses of Stratford Town Centre to join the initiative of tackling poor air quality in our borough. 

There are resources and opportunities for businesses operating in London. If your business would like to take action against idling see here for more information.

Please check out the volunteer page for more information about volunteering or get in touch using this form. 

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