Newham Council is making strides in combating fly-tipping, bucking the national trend. Through proactive measures and community engagement, the council has successfully reduced incidents of illegal dumping in the area. This achievement reflects Newham's commitment to maintaining clean and safe neighborhoods for its residents.
4 March 2024

The Carpenters Estate in Stratford is set for a significant transformation as the £1 billion masterplan has been approved. This initiative aims to kick-start the delivery of 2,152 new homes in the area.
The approval marks a pivotal moment for the community, signaling progress towards revitalizing the estate and addressing housing needs. This ambitious project promises to breathe new life into Stratford, offering opportunities for growth and development while providing much-needed housing options for residents.
4 March 2024

Following a successful trial of a new mini ramp at eight step-free stations on the Jubilee line in 2023, TfL is rolling out mini ramps at 47 step-free Tube stations starting from, Thursday, February 15th.
1 March 2024

Transport for London (TfL) has maintained the current pay as you go single fares for bus, Tube, DLR, and tram services, with the majority of pay as you go fares on London Overground, the Elizabeth line, and the bus Hopper fare also remaining unchanged.
1 March 2024

Unibail-Rodamco Westfield’s (URW) has shared development plans for new public spaces, potential areas for sport and student homes using space available on their Car Park CA. There is a public exhibition and a consultation survey which live until March 2024.
16 February 2024

Please click on the link below to view the recent changes to HMRC.
16 February 2024

The Mayor has announced histronic changes for each for the overground network. There is six new names and colours as a change for each of the lines. This change will make the network easier for customers to navigate while celebrating London’s diverse culture and history.

Each route will be represented by a new line name and colour on the Tube map, on train line diagrams, at stations and on digital journey planning tools, such as TfL Go. The much-loved orange roundel will continue to be used across the London Overground network.

Stakeholders, customers, historians, industry experts and communities have played a key role in suggesting the new names through independent engagement which took place ahead of the decision on the final six names. This was key for the Mayor, as London’s diverse history and culture have always played a significant role in shaping the city and it was important for the line names, which will be used for years to come, to reflect this.

The new line names are:

· The Lioness line: Euston to Watford Junction. The Lioness line, which runs through Wembley, honours the historic achievements and lasting legacy created by the England women’s football team that continues to inspire and empower the next generation of women and girls in sport. It will be yellow parallel lines on the map.

· The Mildmay line: Stratford to Richmond/Clapham Junction. The Mildmay line, which runs through Hoxton, honours the small charitable hospital in Shoreditch that has cared for all Londoners over many years, notably its pivotal role in the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s, which made it the valued and respected place it is for the LGBTQ+ community today. It will be blue parallel lines on the map.

· The Windrush line: Highbury & Islington to Clapham Junction/New Cross/Crystal Palace/West Croydon. The Windrush line runs through areas with strong ties to Caribbean communities today, such as Dalston Junction, Peckham Rye and West Croydon and honours the Windrush generation who continue to shape and enrich London’s cultural and social identity today. It will be red parallel lines on the map.

· The Weaver line: Liverpool Street to Cheshunt/Enfield Town/Chingford. The Weaver line runs through Liverpool Street, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green and Hackney - areas of London known for their textile trade, shaped over the centuries by diverse migrant communities and individuals. It will be maroon parallel lines on the map.

· The Suffragette line: Gospel Oak to Barking Riverside. The Suffragette line celebrates how the working-class movement in the East End, fought for votes for woman and paved the way for women’s rights. The line runs to Barking, home of the longest surviving Suffragette Annie Huggett, who died at 103. It will be green parallel lines on the map.

· The Liberty line: Romford to Upminster. The Liberty line celebrates the freedom that is a defining feature of London and references the historical independence of the people of Havering, through which it runs. It will be grey parallel lines on the map.

We will now start the process of rebranding the line names across London’s transport network with the full roll out expected to be completed in one go by the end of the year. This includes an updated Tube map, a refreshed London Overground network map and a number of on-network assets including way finding signage at all 113 stations. Additional maps will also be updated including the step-free Tube map, Rail & Tube map, large print and black and white Tube map for those with visual impairments.
16 February 2024

The enchanting glow of the newly installed tree lights now illuminates six plane trees along Broadway, creating a festive ambiance in perfect harmony with the holiday season.
15 December 2023

Exciting news for cyclists in Stratford! Our newly installed bike pumps can now be found at two additional convenient locations, namely in Stratford Broadway and Burford Road. This expansion comes as part of our ongoing commitment to support and facilitate the needs of our thriving cycling community. With these accessible pump stations, we aim to provide cyclists with enhanced convenience and accessibility, ensuring smooth rides and hassle-free cycling experiences for all enthusiasts in the area.
20 October 2023

On the 21st of September, an engaging screening event of 'Beyond the Market' took place, featuring the premiere of their latest film 'Rebirth.' The night was highlighted by the showcasing of compelling short pieces created by talented young local residents as part of the 'Newham through your eyes' open call. As proud sponsors of the event, we were delighted to witness the impressive turnout, reflecting the community's strong support for artistic endeavors and local talent.
19 October 2023