FREE cycling events in Stratford Town Centre all summer.

Global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, sea level rise, these and more are evidence of the global climate change. In this article, you will find actionable steps on how to reduce workplace's impact on the environment.

Help teens dodge youth violence at ZAPspace by playing dodgeball with your team!

Stratford Original Calendar 2019-2020 (get the copy)

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Duncan House is an impressive development in the heart of Stratford which is on track to complete this summer.

We recently conducted an interview with one of our Ambassadors Omid Mafi, the longest serving Ambassador of Stratford Original. Find out what his typical day as an ambassador look like and what he enjoys the most about being an ambassador in Stratford.

The new drinking fountains have been installed around Stratford.

Spring greening is the part of Enhancing Stratford initiative led by Stratford Original BID.

Beginning from the 8th of April Ultra Low Emission Zone will be in place in Central London. Most vehicles will be charged a fee to drive within the area unless they meet the new emission standards.