LBH continues to provide support to businesses in digital marketing and with the end of the EU-Post Transition period in February, and other exciting initiatives currently live to support businesses.
9 February 2021

Find out how much you've saved on Recycling with First Mile.
12 February 2021

Check our recent Ambassador report for January 2021 prepared by our Ambassador Michael.
28 January 2021

There are three EV charge points in proximity to Stratford town centre.
27 January 2021

Save local shops by joining the Shopkeepers’ campaign
26 January 2021

Newham recently introduced rapid testing sites for residents as well as people working in Newham who show no symptoms but want to test.
25 January 2021

recent update from Discover Children's Story Centre
22 January 2021

A bi-monthly magazine for employers and agents giving up-to-date information on payroll topics.
25 January 2021

The Good Things Foundation (GTF) is looking to build a network of Census Support Centres who can support people to complete the census, remotely and in person (COVID restrictions permitting), working with organisations across England and Wales.
25 January 2021