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20 January 2021

The Supreme Court ruled insurers must pay out policyholders for their Covid claims starting with the Spring lockdown 2019.
19 January 2021

Expression of interest to participate in the new phase of outdoor signage installation (queue management)
3 May 2021

Review and update of the draft Night-time Economy Supplementary Planning Document
14 January 2021

Businesses, organisations and schools who support the pledge will gain one of the three Community Wealth Building statuses and will enjoy a number of benefits of becoming a member.
14 January 2021

Sign up to the free online cycling course
12 January 2021

On 24 December 2020, an agreement was reached between the UK and the EU setting out the UK’s future relationship with the EU. This is the first free trade agreement the EU has ever reached based on zero tariffs and zero quotas.
12 January 2021

Call for Evidence for the Home Affairs Committee on violence and abuse faced by retail staff ends this Friday (15/01)
11 January 2021

Newham Council has introduced emissions based charging for resident, business, charity business and industrial permits.
8 January 2021

Find the number of grants, loans and other financial support for businesses from the government.
6 January 2021