Waste & Recycling 2023

April 2023 - March 2024
Businesses signed up to our First Mile recycling scheme have saved over 702 tree, 99 tons of Co2, and produced 54,442 KWH of energy!

From April 2023 to March 2024, Stratford businesses have recycled:

  • 20,180 kg of food waste
  • 575 kg of WEEE & toner
  • 15,900 kg of glass
  • 62,570 kg of mixed recycling 

You have also:

  • Shredded 2,000 kg of paper
  • Sent 98,985 kg of general waste to First Mile who have a zero to landfill promise
  • And removed 3,150kg of junk.

If you are a bid member and would like to join us in greener solutions to waste and recycling, reach out to the team to become part of our subsidised waste and recycling scheme for our businesses.

More work

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We installed 2 new bike pumps in the town centre!
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