Gianluca Rizzo
BID Manager
Linda Evans
Executive Assistant
Clare Cooper
Head of Marketing and Operations
Effie Kostopoulou
Effie Kostopoulou
Placemaking Project Manager
Olga Milevska
Digital Marketing Executive

Since 2016 Stratford has had a team of ambassadors. They are out on the streets, engaging with businesses, local partners, working with key stakeholders such as the council, police and local enforcement teams, helping to make Stratford a safer place. They monitor and report everything from fly tipping to anti-social behaviour to ensure Stratford is a safer place for all.
Omid Mafi
Omid Mafi
Ambassador Team Leader
Emma Bodenham
Distance covered during foot patrol 630 miles
Interact with 1490 members of the public
Report 570 issues through the Love Newham app

Graeme Bright
Chair, Theatre Royal Stratford
Alison Darren
Alison Darren
Stratford Circus Arts Centre
Carol Richards
Carol Richards
Stratford Town Centre Forum
Tony Peters
Tony Peters
Stratford Centre
Alla David
The Westbridge Hotel
Julian Hudson
Holiday Inn Express
Jamit Jabbal
Cllr Terry Paul
London Borough of Newham
Mohammed Hossain
London Borough of Newham
Danielle Manning
Met Police
Jessica Ziebland
Discover Children's Story Centre