Delivering an attractive, clean, green and healthy environment is good for business. We will roll out our placemaking programme by implementing additional projects to make Stratford a better place.


Operating within a clean and green environment is key for business. We will continue to curate the original Stratford by maintaining our green spaces and ensure they are kept clean.

From our ‘Explore Stratford’ maps to creative solutions, we will continue to deliver initiatives to make it easier for people to navigate the town centre.

Following the recent investment in the public realm made by LB Newham and Transport for London, we will commit to keep the standards up and deliver additional schemes to improve the area.

With investment and developments taking place in and around the original Stratford, we will represent business interests and ensure that benefits of proposed developments are maximised.

We will place culture, arts and heritage at the core of our placemaking programme. It will be delivered by investing into creative solutions to change the perception of the area.

Through a variety of initiatives such as encouraging cycling, changing behaviours, we will work to deliver a healthier environment to improve air quality.

  • Public Realm Improvements works
  • 26 planters delivered to businesses
  • Additional cleaning sessions
  • 5 high impact murals with creative lighting
  • 4 colourful Crossings
  • 131 temporary way-finding signs installed
  • Stratford Stories Trail
At Axis we’re happy that Stratford Original have a focus on Enhancing. Making Stratford more attractive, greener and cleaner makes it easier to attract high quality people to our organisation. This in turn enables us to provide a better service to the residents of Newham. We particularly like the greening of public spaces.
Ned Maynard
Sustainability Manager, AXIS EUROPE

Dr Bike