Feb 2021
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CRP's Lunchtime Launch: Making Monitoring Meaningful

Join Cross River Partnership for the second Lunchtime Launch in the series.
1:15pm – 2pm

In this session, Abby McDougall will discuss monitoring, specifically in relation to transport, as part of CRP’s projects, and how we can turn data into something meaningful for our partners and wider audience. Over the past year, we have seen a growing interest and scrutiny of interventions to improve air quality. Monitoring can play a critical role in assessing the impact of these schemes, helping to guide more effective action for transport planning.

During this interactive lunchtime session, CRP's Fiona Coull will be presenting the latest insights from a 3-month traffic and road user monitoring programme. In collaboration with Vivacity, CRP have analysed data from intelligent sensors installed at 14 locations across London. This programme cuts across two CRP projects, Defra-funded Clean Air Villages and Mayor of London-funded Healthy Streets Everyday, with the aim to understand changes to transport and active travel as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. CRP will be joined by Vivacity, who will be explaining a bit more about their platform, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor transport and create data for interpretation

The main learning points within this session include:

- How data can be captured through Artificial Intelligence

- Transforming monitoring data to be meaningful and practical for transport planning purposes

- How captured data can aid the decision-making process

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