What is a Business Improvement District?

  • It is set up by a democratic ballot of all businesses in the proposed BID area.
  • If the BID is successful at gaining a yes vote, businesses pay a levy based upon the current rateable value of their property. This creates a pot of money that the businesses spend, as they see fit, tackling issues that they have identified.
  • A BID management board is set up to run the BID and direct its service provision in line with businesses' requirements.
  • BID services have to be in addition to the services provided by the council, they cannot be used to subsidise council services.
  • Typically BIDs last 5 years until a re-ballot is held, which often results in a BID renewal.

Our theme groups

As an organisaton we focus our initiatives around four theme groups. Each of our four theme groups has a chair from a local business; Safer Stratford- Carol Richards (St John’s Church), Promoting Stratford- Opening for new chair, Enhancing Stratford- Julian Hudson (Holiday inn Express), Doing Business- Alla Davis (Westbridge Hotel). The overall chair of Stratford Original is Graeme Bright, from Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Safer Stratford

Focusing on making Stratford a safer place for employees, shoppers and visitors is the priority this group, working together with stakeholders to address safety issues to improve the overall perception of Stratford.

Key Facts

Find some of our top interesting facts, picked from data from our projects, events, ambassadors and around the town centre.
Interact with 1490 members of the public
Report 570 issues through the Love Newham app
Representing 270 business



Implement effective solutions to reduce business crime, anti-social behaviour and support agencies to tackle homelessness.
Work with statutory organisations to shape and deliver the best possible positive change to Stratford.
Provide our businesses with a unified voice to lobby
for the interests of Stratford.
Continue to deliver tangible benefits to all business sectors in order to maximise your investment towards the BID.
Invest in public realm improvements, we will continue to change the perception of Stratford.
Provide relevant businesses information and deliver events to drive footfall and increase dwell time.